Globus, something is not right

June 3, 2006

I was reading yesterday the tutorial for the Globus Toolkit 4 (GT4), especifically this and this page. It highly disturbs me. Something is not right. It reminds me of the CORBA, and early day’s of EJBs. 90% systems programming, for 10% application programming. Thankfully AOP, Spring, Hibernate and friends kicked in to help, and introduced Inversion of Control to the masses. Hollywood’s principle for everybody.

In GT4, you code manually the WSDL, and your Java classes reference directly the framework and XSD namespaces.

I believe writing the WSDL/XSD by hand is a good thing when you are writing truely reusable (web) services, to ensure they are not just doing RPC over a pretty crappy protocol, and you are focusing on the message. However, if Globus is to be used for parallel computing, ala my beloved PVM, you actually want RPC-style, and Globus should be generating the WSDL automatically upon deployment without developer's intervention.

Additionally, when it comes to the Java side, the code looks like an EJB in the 90s. I don't care if you could generate that code, it simply sucks as a class.

I look forward to the Spring of GT4 to come out really soon!

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