On Scaling node.js to Multiple Cores

July 10, 2010

From a thread on multicore leverage in nodejs, Edwin Khodabakchian talking about feedly:

We have an “admin” node process which is started with as input the number of “feedly” node processes it should launch and monitor. When the admin starts, it spawns multiple “feedly” node processes, padding as input the port the feedly node should listen to 9701 for the first one,…9710 for the 10th one.

On the server we have a varnish server which load balances the traffic from m.feedly.com to —

Each “feedly” node process has a endpoint where it reports stats about its execution. The admin node monitor each feedly node every 2 minutes and makes sure that the feedly node is healthy and responding. If not, it kills the child and restart a new instance of the feedly node listening to the same port.

All feedly nodes point to a redis instance for shared memory/session management. This allows incoming HTTP requests to be load balances across any feedly nodes transparently. In dev/staging, we have varnish and all the node processes running on the same box.

In production, we can scale out by having varnish on one server and multiple node cell (where a cell is an admin+10 feedly). This allows us to do rolling upgrades, etc. without any interruption to the service.

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