Sun Microsystems set to buy MySQL

This is truly amazing. Sun and Oracle are set to buy all letters on the LAMP stack, with now Sun buying MySQL for 1 billion dollars (thanks Pascal for the ping). Maybe now Monty and David will start competing with Larry Ellison’s extravagant yacht department. Seriously, 1 billion dollars is a record price for any open source company. Will Oracle now finally buy RedHat to put pressure on SUN?

I am hoping to see the JAVA ticker symbol company improve MySQL support, and licensing, for Java. Since, honestly, right now it sucks so much that one would say the only viable RDBMS alternative for Linux and Java is Oracle (please don’t get me started with DB2).

3 thoughts on “Sun Microsystems set to buy MySQL

  1. This is a really good news!

    Like you said 1 billion dollars is not bad talking about open source…

    Now it’s going to be interesting to see how Sun will use the ‘leading-open source-power’ of MySQL in its open source future!

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