Apple Cool and Insecure

February 3, 2007

Apple has made significant (relative) intakes into the OS business. I mean, wow, Apple is cool. I like the Aqua looks, the whole iPod culture (which to be true is the one making Apple popular – I even bought a pink mini for my daughter Anaïs). But a mouse with one button? Hell … if a command line guy like me is really desperate to get a mouse, he certainly won’t be getting a mouse without a middle button, not to talk about a mouse with a single button! I still think the single coolest feature in X11 for donkey years has been the middle button. Anyway, I am digressing.

So, yeah, cool and everything, the scripting kiddies loving their Macs, big marketing and communications machine, but Apple has failed to think beyond Vista and NeXT, and not only that, it has messed up the whole BSD kernel rendering every single Mac OS out there as insecure as Windows OS. Well done boys.

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