Will Nokia change Trolltech's Qt GPL licensing?

January 29, 2008

It seems like it’s open source buying season, with now Nokia buying Trolltech. I feel very happy for the Trolltech folks. We already talked about it, that Trolltech needed some fresh funding to change its business model.

Since my first EPOC apps on a then Nokia Communicator prototype phone back in 2000, I have never been a Symbian fan (Symbian's SDK custom half-baked toolchain, the libraries solving C++ problems that should be left to the compiler, and most importantly, not running on Linux have always put me back from Symbian). Qt, is by far, the best UI toolkit, but Qt has not grown to its full potential because of it being GPL.

And, the question to me really is, will Nokia change the licensing of Qtopia? I certainly hope so, otherwise it will be really hard for mobile app developers to invest on this platform, especially in light of the competition from Symbian, .NET and Java platforms.

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