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The Curious Case of the Elite Turbo Muin and Misuro B+

Elite’s Turbo Muin is a super quiet direct-drive “classic” fluid trainer with a very smooth and progressive response. By classic Elite means it’s not a “real” or a “smart” trainer, but rather that it has no resistance control and no power readings. To change resistance, you gear up and down, and to get power readings we need to add a power meter. Elite however offers an optional Misuro B+ sensor for about $50 for its line of “classic” trainers which can output speed, cadence and power –the Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ is nothing but a “classic” Turbo Muin with a built-in Misuro B+–. The question then is how good are the power numbers from a Turbo Muin with the Misuro B+?

WaterRower vs Concept2 - A Power Study

There are many comparisons online between the two leading erg rowing machines, the Concept 2 and the WaterRower. There are many “soft” reasons discussed, but how do the two erg compare when it comes to pushing top watts? As a data-oriented athlete, I set myself to figure this out.

The benefits of rowing for runners and cyclists

As you walk into a gym at a peak busy hour, you will likely see the cardio equipment being heavily used, be it treadmills, elliptical, spinning bikes, recumbent bicycles, … All but one, the erg rower. Rowing machines (“ergs”) seat lonely most of the time, normally only used by rowers. Even a short peak of popularity thanks to House of Cards has not made ergs popular. Which is a pity, since for triathletes, cyclists and runners, the rowing machine is probably a great piece of equipment in the gym.

Sayonara Linux Desktop

Six months into using Linux on the desktop daily on a Dell XPS 13, having moved from OS X due to hardware issues, I am sad to report that I am moving back to OS X.

Autonomous Navigation

“Look at that red Tesla, it looks really nice, doesn’t it?” I said as we pulled out of the school parking lot after Hugo and Celeste’s after-school tennis lesson.