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WaterRower vs Concept2 - A Power Study

There are many comparisons online between the two leading erg rowing machines, the Concept 2 and the WaterRower. There are many “soft” reasons discussed, but how do the two erg compare when it comes to pushing top watts? As a data-oriented athlete, I set myself to figure this out.

The benefits of rowing for runners and cyclists

As you walk into a gym at a peak busy hour, you will likely see the cardio equipment being heavily used, be it treadmills, elliptical, spinning bikes, recumbent bicycles, … All but one, the erg rower. Rowing machines (“ergs”) seat lonely most of the time, normally only used by rowers. Even a short peak of popularity thanks to House of Cards has not made ergs popular. Which is a pity, since for triathletes, cyclists and runners, the rowing machine is probably a great piece of equipment in the gym.

Sayonara Linux Desktop

Six months into using Linux on the desktop daily on a Dell XPS 13, having moved from OS X due to hardware issues, I am sad to report that I am moving back to OS X.

Autonomous Navigation

“Look at that red Tesla, it looks really nice, doesn’t it?” I said as we pulled out of the school parking lot after Hugo and Celeste’s after-school tennis lesson.

The Challenging Case of Training at Threshold

Our ability to be fast in racing, whether it is cycling or running, is limited by an almost magic upper ceiling. Right below this ceiling, we are able to push ourselves for a long time at a comfortable heart rate, as the body is able to bring fuel to the muscles and recycle toxins. But push above this ceiling, and things quickly fall apart. This limit is our lactate threshold, and although it is mainly determined by genetic factors and it can only be determined exactly in the lab, it is possible to train the body to raise this threshold. Training for threshold will allow sustaining more power for longer periods of time, and at a slightly higher heart rate that will then feel more comfortable.