Being Phileas Fogg, Day 1

September 2, 2007

Yes, you are right, not Malkovich, but Phileas Fogg. At exactly 10.30am sharp today, I popped into a taxi that took me to Heathrow Terminal 4. I am currently writing from the BA Business Lounge waiting for my plane and ahead of my tour “Around the World in 15 days”. And yes, I am beating Mr. Fogg by an impressive 65 days (although a good 137 years later to tell the truth)!

I am flying east, same direction as Phileas Fogg, with stops in Bangalore, Singapore, Seoul, Sunyvale, Toronto and back to London Heathrow. Obviously I am not Jules Verne, but I'll be blogging each day about my trip.

I had a good start. Check in at Heathrow was nice and smooth, except the stupidity that I have to put my laptop bag into my carry-on luggage while going through security, only to take it out right after clearning security. I guess the queues if passengers were not limited to 1 bag would be even longer, but given that there are no queues in business class, why do the authorities keep enforcing this rule? I really fail to see it as a security measure, it's just a workload problem.

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