Being Phileas Fogg, Day 5

September 8, 2007

The flight to Singapore left close to midnight, and I had to go through only 6 security checks, one person checking after another that the previous one had done their job. It’s always surprising to me to see how in India things are not necessarily always done in the most efficient ways. But then again, it is in fact and optimal utility point, since given the low cost of labour there is no incentive for being efficient in manual processes.

The flights with Singapore Airlines were fine, although the plane between Bangalore and Singapore was much older and rather run down than the one between Singapore and Seoul. The service however in both of them was exceptional. Singapore Airlines is always an amazing experience.

I did watch the last movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean, whatever is called, since I did not manage to sleep, at all. As we landed in Seoul, I saw an unbranded Airbus A380 in Seoul/Incheon being taxied. That plane, a double decker, is simply huge. I wonder what it was doing there, and where it was going to. It looked like a promotional plane for Airbus perhaps going or coming from some event or show.

The taxi was waiting for me, unlike in Bangalore, and it took us a bit over an hour to get the the Grand Intercontinental. It's a suberb hotel. Highly recommended, and example of the elegance and fine, delicate treatment of Asia.

It was my first time in Korea, and I was definitely impressed. Pity that everything is so expensive. I can see Korea might having trouble, alike Japan, to compete with China.

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