Could the financial downturn be the end of Darwinism

October 11, 2008

Because that’s really what it is. Somebody that was not fitted and loosing big (aka Western Cultures) has just started a new game of Monopoly, and you and I are not getting any of the money in this new game. Some may call it the end of capitalism, but I would go even further, this is the end of Darwinism (and a prove that Hegel was looking at the past, and not the future like Marx wanted to see in it).

There are unknown consequences for any deep interventionist economic policy. Anybody who says so it's either a fool or badly naive. But worse of all, intervention of this kind defeats the system as we know it, where the fittest survive.

Without intervention this crisis would have been a chance for those without debt to compete, i.e. the very poor.  All that we will see is further foreign investment from large sovereign funds, and that hardly benefits the poorest nations in the World.  I am very disappointed by our politicians lack of pro-activity and foresight.

We live in a culture that encourages risk, and hence competition and growth. But now we have simply wiped out the consequences of failure. The failed specimens survive, unlike what Darwin taught us ...

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