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Golden Cheetah on OS X Mavericks

I am a big fan of collecting and tracking the data from all the sensor device gadgets I use in my workout. For indoor cycling, I recently bought an Elite Qubo Power Fluid trainer, so I wanted to get the power curve into the software I am using for tracking cycling, Golden Cheetah.

Much Improvement Required in the UK Startup Ecosystem

London has many of the ingredients required for becoming the next startup hub. But it also has many structural problems that will prevent it from growing as fast as other centers, such as Tel Aviv.

Convert Mailbox from to Microsoft Outlook 2011 in Lion

In Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion), it’s not currently possible to export mailboxes from to something that Microsoft Outlook 2011 can import directly. Here’s a way to fix it.

Failing to Scale Out Push Web Services

Problem: On the web, enable a large number of message producers send a very large number of messages to a much larger number of message consumers. Example: allow 100,000 publishers send a total of 1 million messages per second to 100 million concurrently connected consumers.

The NodeJS Innovation Advantage

Thesis: “when building large scale distributed systems, high performance functional programming languages provide the quickest turnaround from idea to concept; however such advantage disappears as we move from concept to production, and the overall time from idea to production across all programming languages is of the same order of magnitude”.