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Zwift - A Virtual Reality Cycling Game

This morning I received my invite into the Zwift Beta. Zwift is a new 3D cycling game which makes riding your bike indoors a lot of fun. Traditionally, I have been skeptic of 3D virtual riding, based on my experience with BKOOL’s and Tacx’ products. Zwift has managed however to really add a true competitive gaming angle into indoor riding.

Nifty Minidrive Storage Hack

Adding storage to a Macbook Pro can be an expensive proposition given the compact hardware architecture the new MBPs have. For my MBP 15-inch retina laptop, which comes with a 512 GB SSD, I wanted to add a bit extra where to put all our Dropbox, GDrive, Box, etc. network share replica. Nifty Minidrive is one of the most attractive options.

Wahoo KICKR and CycleOps VirtualTraining

Since I bought the Wahoo KICKR, I have been exploring the available software for it. Although I appreciate the simplicity of the Wahoo Fitness app, I miss having structured workouts. Ouf of the software programs I have tried, CycleOps VirtualTraining has become my tool of choice for training with the Wahoo KICKR.

Training and Pleurisy

Deep chest pain, breathlessness, nausea, weak. These are symptoms that should make anybody run to A&E. Nonetheless, I did not. At least, not till having gone first through two sleepless nights. Here’s my tale of how I discovered I had pleurisy.

A Long Run in Marrakech

For our yearly pre-Christmas family trip this year, we decided to visit the beautiful and vibrant city of Marrakech in Morocco. On the last day of our trip I got the chance to do a long run from the hotel.